Praesent lux metallum Spinning

Praesent lux metallum Spinning

Aluminium habitationi lucis duxit provectus noster per metallum spheara systems.

model:Praesent lux metallum Spinning

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depictio producti

Depictio producti:

Product #

lux Housings

Applicari elit / DE PROCESSIBUS

Exempla drawing;facta fingunt;Spinning metallum;falcandas;formatam;Superficiem treatment;Quality inspection;Packing;Shipping

Type material

Carbon steel;Stainless steel;Metal sheet;SPCC;Brass;Copper alloy;Aluminum;Aluminum alloy and so on...(According to customer drawings and specifications)

Superficiem treatment

Polishing;Sandblasting;Painting;Powder coating ,Galvanizing;Chrome plating;Anodize (White or Black Color)  E-coating;T-Coating;as customer;s requirement.

Artissimum tolerances

+/- minusve 0.1mm.

Traditio / Tempus Turnaround

Existente supra quantitatem et multiplicitate opus.

signa Mel

Customer Specifications;2D CAD Drawing

Usus ad Industry

l umbraticis et velitighting;Industrial et Commercial Equipment;Minora tormenta vehiculum partes

Yotch mechanical is a global manufacturer of both LED Heat Sink and LED Light Housing. We offer One Stop Service for lighting companies. With high quality and moderate price;yotch mechanical is a good choice for your heat sink designing and production.


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